Yuval & Wisam - News

Concert at Piazza Cisterna, Piazzo, Biella

12 July 2012  - The mediaeval quarter of Biella, Piazzo,  had been the location of the final concert of Yuval & Wisam duo 2012 tour in Italy. Thanks to its historic-artistic value, the medieval and well-preserved Cisterna Square had hosted perfectly the emotional and transcending music of Yuval & Wisam, performed to a numerous public.



Recording of new CD, Villa Piazzo, Pettinengo, Italy

09 - 12 July 2012  - Yuval and Wisam record  their new album in one of North Italy's  architectonic pearls - Villa Piazzo, located in the small town of Pettinengo (Biella province - Italy). Conducted by the Italian Sound engineer and electronic artist Matteo Salvemini, that had used highly researched microphonic system, and a high fidelity recording. The duo had recorded 5 duo works and 2 solo compositions in a three-days-session of hard work, reflections, dialogue, exchange and confrontation between the two contemporary music masters.


Opening concert of Villa Faraldi Festival, Imperia, Italy

07 July 2012  - The Yuval & Wisam duo will open the 29th edition of the  International arts Festival of Villa Faraldi (Imperia - Italy) . The Festival had became a synonymous of cultural quality and prestige in the Italian riviera, giving Villa Faraldi its nickname  Borgo dell'arte  (the Art Village).



Performance at Museo del 900°, Piazza Duomo, Milan, Italy

05 July 2012 - The Milan Museum of 20th  century - Museo del Novecento , one of Italy's major art venues, will host at the prestigious Sala Fontana for the first time a musical performance, performed by  Yuval & Wisam duo, that will present new works above the extraordinary scenery of Piazza del Duomo.