Yuval & Wisam - Contact

Yuval and Wisam as a duo are available for concerts and tours based on the availability of the single artists.
Collaborations with other creative musicians, ensembles and orchestras or interaction with other fields of performing arts could be considered as well.
For further inquiries, or to write to Yuval and Wisam, you could use the  contacts bellow:

  • ‪Magà Global Arts Around the World ‬

    Global Arts Around The World is a performing arts  factory based in Milan, specializing in the production of multimedia and intercultural operas, concerts, installations, festivals and projects reflecting the cultural Magà richness and new artistic possibilities of the 21° century. The organization is a unique cultural reality of its kind that forms a bridge between the most ancient living traditions and cutting-edge contemporary languages  through music and performing arts, creating a network of creativity, diversity and excellence.