Yuval & Wisam - Bio - Wisam Gibran

"One of the best oud players in the world…I never heard someone play oud like this ..." (BBC 3 - World Roots)

Born in Nazareth, winner of the Prime- Minister Prize for Composition Award of 2004, Prize for the encouragement of excellence in the International Oud Festival in Jerusalem Award 2005.
His symphony, “Gilgamesh”, was performed by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra and was broadcast on the radio.

W. Gibran performs worldwide as a violinist and Oud player and is probably the only composer of oriental and experimental music for Oud in Palestine & Israel.

As a Palestinian living in Israel Wisam Gibran sees a major challenge in developing a musical language and identity, through which he can deal with the complexity of the conflict. And this is the beautiful, unique, what distinguishes this orchestra from his famous cousin, the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra Barenboim: trying the different styles and origins of music together to weave, to produce a kind of equality between the musical traditions.

The spirit of his musical language is based on openness and mutual listening to rely on the assumption that individual identity is formed and is not inherited, that it comes from the future and not the past.

CHROMATIC SILENCE” (2007) is his 2nd CD for solo Oud after “EXILE” (1997). New compositions in unfamiliar style for Oud. Gibran tries, over the course of his composing, to explore more and more colors in the Silent space of the Oud traditions. Music is a symbolic order, where nothing exists except upon an assumed foundation of Silence; there is only Silence if you suggest that there may be a presence Sound there where there isn`t one.

Wisam’s early career started in Nazareth at age four, where he initially studied the violin with his father Monier Gibran.

As a composer, Gibran’s studies include the tutorship of great masters, such as K. K. Battashov, A. Schnittke, I. Denisov, P. H. Dittrich, G. Ligeti, G. Kortag, H. Lachenman, M. Kagel, P. Boulez, H.P. Kyburtz, K.H. Stockhausen and conducting with Prof. Fabricius and with Daniel Barenboim at the Staatsoper Berlin.

He is the author of one opera, one symphony, numerous vocal works, three concertos, numerous chamber works, compositions for solo instruments, and a large body of electro-acoustic compositions. Gibran has written extensively for film and theatre, as well as for the concert stage. His works were performed in festivals in Europe, U.S.A, Canada, Israel and Jordan in major venues such as Carnegie Hall in New York, Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and the Bolshoi & Maley Saal in Moscow.

Wisam Gibran has participated in the West-Eastern Divan Project in Weimar 1999, led by Daniel Barenboim, yoyo Ma & Edward Said. In the year 2002, Gibran founded the Arab Jewish Youth Orchestra in Israel, in which he carried the role of conductor and director. He had published three poetry books, one of them with a preference written by the Nobel prize Adonis.

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