Yuval & Wisam - Bio - Yuval Avital

"...In this project the music prevailed, thanks to this great composer Yuval Avital..." (Kultiversum)
"Amazing... An experience to tell your grandchildren one day. Or at least, today, to close friends..." (Il Fatto Quotidiano)
"...a visionary talent that blends ancient ethnic sounds to multimedia and contemporary research..." (La Repubblica)

Born in Jerusalem, 1977, living in Milan, Italy. Composer, Director of Multi Media and poly-Cultural projects, guitar soloist, electronic musician and multi media artist.
His work extends from demanding compositions for solo instruments to unusually large-scale formations; original creations for indigenous groups realized in different parts of the world to innovative contemporary ensembles; Solo performance of classic guitar or the use of electric guitar with live electronics; dialogues and with masters of traditional and innovative music and creation of complex multi-media compositions and operas.Yuval Avital outstands in the young contemporary music scene as a unique voice. He connects traditions, cultures, art forms with no barriers, always putting great passion and profound study to reach these creative forms of synthesis.

Avital's concert activity extends worldwide, involving performance in major venues such as Centre Pompidou, Toronto Performing Art Center, Beijing Central Conservatory, Mito SettembreMusica Festival, Quinta da Regaleira Palace, Sintra, Portugal and Miami Art Basel, but also creating projects in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Baguio City, Philippines and Carei, Romania. In the year 2011 was produced a documentary film on his opera Samaritans by SKY Classica, Italy.


Among his works :
Slow horizons, composition for 12 indigenous musicians, dancers, guitar soloist,  Video by Michal Rovner ( Nauryz 21 Festival, Almaty, Kazakhstan - 2006); KOLOT, Icon/sonic opera, for 12 cantors, mixed ensemble, electronics and video (REC Festival, Teatro Dal Verme di Milano, TeatroDue di  Parma per il Festival Europeo dell'Attore - 2008); Mise en Abîme for a crowd of 100 - 200 persons, 34 accordions, soloists  and 4 conductors (World premiere recorded at Studio 3, RAI italian television - 2011); Leilit, for 7 recorders, 7 accordions, piano, bowed piano, soloist, 2 Keis cantors & Video (Romaeuropa Festival - 2011); GARON, massive sonic composition created for Anish Kapoor’s installation in Milan for 45 tubas, 6 percussions, choir & electronics (La Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan - 2012).

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