La Stampa (Daily Journal) 12/07/2012

"...the concert, apart of offering the music of two artists of great talent, becomes a carrier of the message of peace (…) a meeting between two extraordinary composers, virtuosos of their instruments, in dialogue...”

ARTSLIFE (Magazine) 09/07/2012

"...The music becomes a carrier of a positive energy flow, overcoming human hatred and mischief [...] becoming a stream of different ideas that move together, listen one another, knowing to alternate between themselves, never overlapping or interfering one over another..."

Amadeus (Italy’s Classical Music Magazine) Foundation 23 July 2012

"...the performance-concert of Yuval and Wisam held in the 900° museum of Milan during their Italian tour, donated quite a rare experience to the audience…in a nested and vivid dialogue, they explore the entire range of possibilities offered by their instrument, including the intelligent and desecrate use of live electronics…a large and heterogeneous audience has been led in a journey of capable and well proportioned (musical) storytelling, for almost two hours of high quality contemporary music -  never feeling annoyed or tired  by too long or too complex ideas; in fact the audience answered the musician with long  and well-deserved applauses…"

Il Secolo XIX (Daily Journal) 07/07/2012

" encounter between two great composers that within their language unite tradition and creativity [...] a concert of two masters of their instruments; an example of a deep and pure friendship that transcends the abyss between Israel and Palestine..."

Avital and Gibran are a rare example of musicians known both as versatile soloists and visionary composers.  See BIO to read more...